SociDeck Review – A smart tool that anyone needs to work better
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SociDeck Review – A smart tool that anyone needs to work better

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I place that exact Webform in the sidebar on my socideck review and it converts like CRAZY! The good news is Aweber makes these Webforms really easy to make, and if you follow along with the instructions below you will have yours ready to go in no time! Just log back into and click the button that says “Sign Up Forms” up at the top. If this is your first time creating a Sign Up Form, it will ask you to click a button that says “Create Your First Sign up Form”Once you click on that button it will take you to the page where you can create your sign up form. Here is where you get to use your own creativity and design something you really enjoy. Remember, this will be going in your sidebar so you want to make it really stand out. They have a lot of pre-made templates for you to choose from, but for this example I am going to browse through the “popular” section and choose one I like. Once you find one you like, go ahead and click on it and it will appear in the editor. I clicked on one I liked and heres what it looks like:Before that loaded up, I actually had the option to choose what color scheme I wanted, but I decided to go with the default red. Choose the color scheme based on the color scheme of your site. You can always go back on change it if you change the color scheme of your site.Now that I have that loaded up in the socideck review, I want to get rid of a few things. I want to get rid of the “Name” field because we wont be asking for the name. I also want to get rid of the text that says “We respect your email privacy” and the text that says “Email Marketing by Aweber”. To do this, you just hover over each section you want to get rid of and click the red “X” Button:Now I want to add some text next to the arrows. Lets pretend this is a blog about insurance. To add text just hover over the arrow and click the “Edit Header” button.Once you click on that, a text editor will pop up where you can enter your text:Once you fill it out with whatever you want to say, click the “Save” button. Then do the exact same thing with the footer if you want to add text below the sign up box. So heres what my final Webform looks like:Remember, this process should be fun because you get to use your own creativity. Dont limit yourself to the design I just showed you. Take some time to browse around and look at their templates. Once you are happy with how your Webform looks, scroll down and click the “Save Your Form” button then click the “Go To Step 2” button.On this page all you need to do is name your webform whatever you want to name it and then click the “Save Your Form” button, then “Go To Step 3” Button Once you do that you will be brought to this page:Click on the “I Will Install My socideck review” box and then leave it on “Javascript Snippet”. For privacy reasons I had to black out the section where it showed my code. Yes, I am aware I could have made that look a lot more professional, but the “kid” side of me really enjoyed just scribbling with my virtual pen ;). Make sure you copy that code and save it in a Notepad document or somewhere where you can easily find it because you will need it when you create your blog. Homework We covered quite a bit in this section, but the good news is its something you really only have to do one time. Once you get your webform set up you just let it sit on your blog and do its job of collecting subscribers. Your homework for this section is to sign up for an account with Aweber or another major autoresponder company, create a list, make sure the list is on Single Opt-in, choose a free gift to giveaway after they sign up, create your first follow up email that gets sent out right when they sign up, and create your Webform that you will be placing on your blog. Yup, its a lot of work but its work that must be done! Once you finish the homework for this section, you get to move onto actually creating the blog!


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