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Alterzon Review - The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution
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Alterzon Review - The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

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I don’t think Amazon wants to pay you to try to rank for phrases for which they already rank. It just doesn’t make sense, right? Yet, that’s how many affiliate marketers approach this business. They attempt to rank for phrases for which the retailer is already ranking or they put together a website that scrapes information the retailer already has on their own site thinking that will magically lead to them making a bunch of sales. There are so many reasons that thinking is flawed but one of the biggest is that unless you have a large authority site of your own it’s going to be very hard to outrank retailers like Amazon and Walmart for many product keywords. You may create what you think is a stellar post on such an alterzon review , get it indexed in Google and then….crickets - nothing, no traffic, no good rankings, no sales. What retailers really want from affiliates is for them to bring in sales they weren’t going to get without some outside help. That’s your job. HELP the retailer. HELP the consumer. Get alterzon review. Seems pretty obvious then that when affiliate marketers can find where a retailer is struggling and needs help we’ve got a slick path into easy sales. But where would Amazon need help? They’re massive! Everyone in the US certainly knows who they are. Even kids know who they are. They’ve been around a long time. They have huge teams of talent and experience. Where could they be missing out? I’ll tell you where – their search engine is far from perfect. I’ve talked about it before in other books I’ve written but I have not talked specifically about the big weakness covered in this book. That weakness is…. SIZE!! I don’t mean clothing sizes – they’ve got that covered. I mean the size and dimensions of other kinds of products. Large – large coffee table, large area rug, large bookshelf Small – small coffee table, small patio table, small trundle bed Tall – tall armoire, tall lamp, tall outdoor table Wide – wide sofa, wide recliner, wide sofa bed Short – short barstool, short towel rack, short alterzon review If you don’t think these are important words to consumers watch one of the many TV shows regarding “tiny houses”! (Google “Tiny House Nation”, “Tiny House Hunters”, and “Tiny House, Big Living” to see what I mean.) Even if Amazon has dimensions for a product – and they usually do – there’s no way a customer can filter to certain sizes for most products. Instead, they have to go product listing by product listing to find information in order to compare product sizes so they know which ones might fit in their home.


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