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Agency Profits 360 Review – 6 Figure Business in a Box
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Agency Profits 360 Review – 6 Figure Business in a Box

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Some of my most popular small reports ever have been “planners”. For our purposes, a “planner” is simply a set of activities arranged in a daily schedule as a sort of checklist to work through. Why do people love them? Because it allows them to stay on track. They see a set of action steps to complete for Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday and so forth. Most people find it much easier to actually do agency profits 360 review when it’s arranged in this kind of order. Note: This is one of my top recommendations for a small report. Every small report author should write at least one of these “planners” to sell online. Some examples are – 83) The 7-Day Checklist For Writing A Small Report 84) The 31-Day Guide To Powerful Prayer 85) The Navy Seal’s 7-Day Ab Workout 86) The 4-Week Wedding Planner And Organizer 87) The Smart Home-Schooler’s Daily Schedule 88) 33 Days To Internet Marketing agency profits 360 review 16. What To Do When This is another classic example of the “problem / solution” format. It’s just expressed in a different way. The idea here is to inform the reader what they should do when they find themselves facing a specific problem that can still be remedied. A key is to focus on as specific information as possible in your title. I.E. It’s not “What To Do When You Want To Lose Weight”, but rather “What To Do When You Want To Lose That Last 5 Pounds”. Some examples are – 89) What To Do When You Need To Lose That Last 5 Pounds 90) What To Do When You’re Raising A Strong-Willed Child 91) What To Do When Your Spouse Wants A Divorce 92) What To Do When You Worry Too Much 93) What To Do When Someone You Love Is Battling Addiction 94) What To Do When You Can’t Get PregnantThis kind of small agency profits 360 review is for the creative writer. If you’re not creative, then feel free to move on to #18. The idea here is to share lessons that you’ve gleaned from pop culture. (I.E. Movies, music, lifestyles, fashion, entertainment, cooking, etc.) One of the reasons why this is usually a very good seller is because of its inherent ability to create curiosity. What email marketer wouldn’t want to know Santa Claus’ secrets of listbuilding? What dieter wouldn’t be interested to learn how watching American Idol can help them lose weight? What golfer wouldn’t be enticed enough to see what the “Captain Jack Sparrow techniques” are? The point is, there are built-in opportunities to grab attention (and get sales!) by including pop culture lessons as the focus of your small report.


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