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Canvas by DropMock Review – Facebook Video Headers for Business Fan Page
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Canvas by DropMock Review – Facebook Video Headers for Business Fan Page

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Step #3: GROW your content by "filling in the blanks". By this point you should have a nice outline created from all of your ideas. Now, it's simply a matter of "filling in the canvas by dropmock review ". That is, write a few paragraphs of meaty information for each of your points listed in your outline. That's all it takes. (You should have at least 26 "points" listed from the alphabetizing exercise.) Remember, this is only 7­15 pages that you're striving for. What I do is just a little bit of math. I take the total number of pages that I want and divide it by the total number of ideas that I've written down so I can see how much I need to write for each point. Example : Let's suppose I want to create a 10 page report on my topic. Let's further canvas by dropmock review that I have 20 "ideas" that I've brainstormed to share in the report that I've arranged in 5 different sections. Doing the math, we find that I need 1/2 page of content per idea in order to meet the page requirement. So, I begin writing the first point and when I've reached 1/2 page, I know I can quit anytime I finalize the thought I'm sharing.Some of your points will require less space to share than the numbers would demand. That's okay, because some of your points will go over. It all balances out in the end, and it's not an exact science. It's just a way to keep things balanced. It really doesn't even matter that you do the math... as long as you do the writing. Simply write a few paragraphs explanation for each of the points. Don't be afraid to mix in some humor. Inject your own personality into the writing. Now, what I want to do for you before we move on to the next canvas by dropmock review  is to share some “content templates” with you now that will also help you with the writing part of content creation. Basically, here's how it works. I'm going to provide you with 20 content templates. Each one consists of an opening sentence that you can apply to any portion of your product where you might need some additional ideas for content. Content Template #1: If I could sum up ________________ in __________ steps, here is what they would be ______________" Where you see the "blanks" you just complete the blanks with whatever topic you are going to be discussing in that section of your product. Example : "If I could sum up doing business online in 3 steps, here is what they would be..." I might choose... Step 1: Develop a product. Step 2: Build a website. Step 3: Promote. So, you begin a section by opening with the above provided sentence by completing the blank sections with whatever topic you plan on discussing in that section. Some other examples might include...


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