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ClickKosh Review – Get Massive Boost in Sales with Shoppable Images
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ClickKosh Review – Get Massive Boost in Sales with Shoppable Images

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Due to my SEO successes, my clients and colleagues always asked me how I had been so successful for so long. They asked me what was my secret sauce — and could they have the recipe. My answer was always the same: Hard work, and my competitive nature feeding my desire to beat my clickkosh review . I assumed I always “figuredout” how to get my clients ahead of their competitors. I thought somehow the answers were floating around in my head. The truth is, I really wasn’t sure how I did it. I knew I had a basic system, but it felt like it changed all the time based on new search engine updates. As a rule, I would figure out how to rank a client’s website quickly, but every now and then the process took longer. I have always been an avid reader of great authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Deepak Chopra. As I was drifting off to sleep after reading one night, it occurred to me, thinking about all the information I have read over the years, that I must have some sort of system, but I didn’t know what it was. After finally falling asleep for a few hours that same clickkosh review, I woke up and it all became clear to me. I jumped out of bed like I had just been shot in the heart with adrenaline (like that scene from Pulp Fiction). I ran to my home office and began writing furiously on my whiteboards, which cover every wall of that space. Out of these notes an orderly system began to crystallize. By the time I was done, I was dripping in sweat and looking at the 8 Step SEO Plan. There it was — it practically wrote itself. I had finally seen, in a universal but definitively systematic way, how I get every company to beat their competition online. So here I present what took me 12 years of hard work and 1 white light experience to figure out: the 8 Step SEO Plan.My realization of this first step came quite quickly. To find success in online marketing, it is imperative that you keep all your data in one place, under one account preferably, where it is all easily accessible, where you and others can view and manage it. I have always let potential clickkosh review know that, more often than not, they have allowed their web masters to limit access to their own accounts. I also ask clients why they have accepted result reports that were obviously doctored and inaccurate. I have reviewed tens of thousands of these reports from fake SEO companies, and they are filled with inflated traffic numbers and under-reported cost-per-click values. The first step is always to get all the data and website access into one unified account. The easiest way to do this is to move the data into one Google account that can be shared by business owners, web masters, and marketing firms alike. I often use the term migrating account data when explaining this to new clients. It is the first item of business, and I always explain how and why this is so important. When I started my own company, I vowed never to hold a client hostage by withholding information. I would never hold any keys without also giving my client a copy. The reason for my conviction in this was because I have had website access data withheld from me. I was still in college, and I hired a website company that kept all the passwords and the access from me. At that time money was tight, and they did this so that they could charge me $100 an hour every time I wanted a simple change done. The crazy thing is that 15 years later, I still see website, IT, and marketing companies doing this to their clients! There is something inherently unethical about this practice. That is why working in a clear, transparent environment will always be a must for me with my clients. The first step in doing this is to MIGRATE all data into one shared and visible account.


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