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TigerPress Review – Creating websites has never been that easy
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TigerPress Review – Creating websites has never been that easy

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In our first section we're going to examine, " How To Find the Perfect Idea For A Small Report ". Now before we look at the two basic rules of thought about finding hot ideas that I want to share with you today, let me first caution you about a potential problem area that might sidetrack you if you're not prepared. Let me say it this way ­ Don't invest a lotof time in choosing a topic for your small tigerpress review . That's notto say that you should make an uninformed decisionas to what you should write about. To the contrary, I'm going to show you how to determine with pinpoint accuracywhat is most likely to be a hot seller for you. What I am saying is this : this is a SMALL report. It's not a full­length product. It isn't necessary that you spend a great deal of time trying to find the ideal subject matter. You're not trying to hit a home run here. You're not trying to write the equivalent of War and Peacefor your particular market. You're simply looking for an idea that looks to be a winner to write a short report about. Don't miss the point here. The point is to QUICKLY create these small reports. There's not much risk here. So there's not much point in over­investing your time in any stage of this process. Now, having said all of that, let's look at two criteria that I believe will allow you to quickly analyze the state of your market interest and ascertain what should prove to be a hot tigerpress review  for your next small report. CRITERIA 01 : Demand. That is, there should be a significant amount of interest in a particular idea before you move forward. Obviously, the more interest there is in a topic, the more likely you'll be able to sell a report on that topic. Now, the questions that I almost always get from folks are ­There are a number of ways to find topics that are of significant demand and interest to your marketplace. Very quickly let me share a few waysyou can find topics that are "making a splash" within your particular market. 1. Scan the best­sellers list at Do a search at (in the "books" section) for keywords and phrases that are related to your particular market. (I.E. "weight loss" or "homeschooling" or "golf") You should find a nice list of books ranked in order of popularity. This is another built­in research spot for you ­ and loaded with great ideas for your next small report. 1. Pay attention to the bestsellers appearing at the top of your search results. 2. Look for multiple books on the same topic, which demonstrates demand for that topic. 2. Search in to see what tigerpress review your “competition” has created products on. Pay attention to those listed on the first page and those who are advertising in the ads on the right hand side of the screen. These will almost always provide you with numerous ideas for your small report ­ and can potentially be a great starting point for joint venture partnerships in the future. (More on this in an upcoming lesson). To get a really good idea of what your prospective competitors are selling, you can search for a range of related keywords.


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