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BleuPage Ultimate Review – An incredible way to find and post content on multiple social media accounts
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BleuPage Ultimate Review – An incredible way to find and post content on multiple social media accounts

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Thanks for your interest in this report. I know you are absolutely going to LOVE it. I have attached the report to this bleupage ultimate review . If you are having trouble downloading it please feel free to click the “reply” button and let me know. Talk soon! P.S. I will also be updating you each time I write a new blog post that way you will be one of the first to know about bleupage ultimate review. P.P.S. Is there anything specific you would like me to write about? If so just hit the reply button on this email and let me know!” As you can see, this was a very simple email but its a very powerful one because it builds up trust with them right away! Especially the very last sentence. Letting them know they can simply click the reply button to get in contact with you will really help you build trust with them. Also, if they reply telling you what they want you to write about, it will help give you ideas for future articles. Your subscribers and readers LOVE knowing that you are listening to them…so listen to them! :) Once you get your bleupage ultimate review follow up email set up, its now time for the last step which is to create your Webform. Creating Your Webform Finally! Its time for the last step in this whole process of getting ready to collect email addresses. For those of you that dont know, a Webform is something that allows the visitor on your site to enter their email address to actually be added to the list. Heres an example of what my Webform looks like:


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