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CloudCreate Review – Easily, Quickly, and More!
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CloudCreate Review – Easily, Quickly, and More!

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Like I said, we are going to ignore number one for now and come back to that later. For now lets get number 2 and 3 set up. To update your sidebar go ahead and hover over Appearance and select Widgets Depending on the Theme you use, you might have multiple sidebars. If you are using the theme that I recommended, the sidebar you want to edit is called “Main Sidebar” Lets start off by adding your Webform: A webform is nothing more than a simple cloudcreate review code. You should have saved that code already, but if not you can always log back into Aweber and get the code. Go ahead and drag a “Text” Box into the main sidebar and paste the HTML code into that Text Box and then click the blue “Save” button: You can give it a title if you want, but that is completely optional. Adding The Facebook Fanbox In the Available Widgets section you will see something called “Facebook Fanbox with CSS”. Go ahead and drag that over to your Main cloudcreate review but make sure it goes right underneath your Webform Text Box. Once you drag it in, it will look like this: Title: Call it whatever you want. I like to write something along the lines of “Like Us on Facebook” Fanpage ID: Finding your Facebook Page ID is really easy! Remember how you created a Facebook page earlier? Well, all you need to do is go to that Facebook page, copy the URL, and then head over to cloudcreate review Once there just paste in the URL and they will tell you the page ID. Take that ID they give you and paste it in the Fanpage ID section. The rest of the settings can stay the same. Once you get that taken care of you are done with your sidebar for now. At the moment your sidebar should have your Webform box on it and the Facebook FanBox. Heres what my sidebar currently looks like (remember, I already have people who liked my page).


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