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(‘Shed The Fat’ is the ‘brand’. ‘Belly Fat Chair Workout’ is the subject line –this will change for the next email) This is a very visual way to stand out from a glut of emails. Subscribers become programmed to look out for your email. There is one caveat to using this tactic. Most email providers will only show a certain number of characters from your subject line. Using a ‘brand’ limits the number of characters shown even further. So use with caution Moving on to subject lines themselves…………… Compelling subject lines A compelling subject line has the power to stop you in your tracks. The subject line is the first thing anyone sees in their inbox. The main tip is to always evoke curiosity. All humans, including you, are curious by nature. Whenever you write a subject line, ask yourself “would this make someone curious enough to want to click open the email?”  In the financial niche, don’t write ‘Your tax bill is going up by 15%’. Instead, write ‘So sorry about your tax bill……’  In the fashion niche, don’t write ‘Angelina Jolie loves the latest Hermes bag’ Write ‘This is THE handbag on Angelina Jolie’s wish list!  In the dating niche, don’t write ‘Never talk and talk about yourself on a first date’ Write ‘How many times have you made this dating mistake?’ We’re teasing the subscribers! Don’t reveal your hand straightaway. Make them curious. What’s happening to my tax bill? Which handbag does Angelina Jolie want? What mistake am I making on dates? By using subject lines that evoke curiosity, you pose questions in the minds of your subscribers. Questions that need to be answered.


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