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Tidalwave Traffic Review – Traffic is not a problem anymore
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Tidalwave Traffic Review – Traffic is not a problem anymore 

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Tips to add value to the tidalwave traffic review . Again, the key here is to think up your own tips, not those you read elsewhere. This is easiest if you have some personal experience with the topic you’re writing about. Example: If you’re writing about healthy eating, then you may share your tips on what food substitutes are actually worth trying, and which ones can mess up a recipe. Got it? The key here is independent thinking. Make this information yours, and you’ll come up with a completely unique product, one that your readers might happily describe as fresh and original! But you’re not quite ready to write just yet. Read on… Step 5: Interview Experts If you want to truly have a “fresh and original” product, one that really stands out from the competitors’ tidalwave traffic review– then you’ll definitely want to take this step of interviewing experts. Think about it: You don’t have to rely on the information that’s already floating around the web. Instead, you can get fresh information, directly from the experts who’re working in the field every day. Here’s what types of experts I’m talking about: Known experts. These are the people who’re already well-known, credible experts in the niche. These are the folks that have the most popular blogs, books, white papers and other information. These are the folks who’re working in the niche every day – and your target market would probably recognize the names of these experts. Researchers and scholars. These are the university professors, doctors and researchers who’re writing the scholarly articles you found during the course of your tidalwave traffic review. Authority figures. These people don’t necessarily have known names, but they are experts and authority figures nonetheless.Example: If you’re writing a book about a health topic, then you might interview a doctor. Or if you’re writing about personal safety, you might interview a police officer. People with good credentials. These are people who are uniquely qualified to talk about a certain subject, usually because they’ve had success in the field. They may even have a related degree or won awards. Example: If you were creating a report about how to publish a book, then interviewing successfully published authors is a good move. Or if you want to write a book about bodybuilding, then interview people who’ve won bodybuilding competitions. Or if you want to write about gardening, then interview the gardeners in the “Master Gardener” group in your local area. Get the point? You just need to find people who have plenty of experience and success in the field. Here’s how to find and approach these folks…


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