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Marketers Vault Review – Such a limited giveaway from a millionaire
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Marketers Vault  Review – Such a limited giveaway from a millionaire 

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However, one day Google decided to make things tougher. At first, it was like the “wild wild west” and if you were willing to pay for clicks, they’d gladly take your money. But one day they decided to implement what they called a “marketers vault review ” algorithm, which mad it tougher to buy clicks at a profitable price. I was able to work around the problem for several more months, but eventually it because more trouble than it was worth, and I discontinued that kind of advertising. When I looked back at my history, I found that I had purchased from Google over 3.5 million clicks over the course of the time I was doing this. Those clicks on my ads sent people to a page where there were affiliate links, and when they clicked on those links and made a purchase, I received a commission. However, there was nothing else on the pages. There were no optin forms to have people sign up for subsequent email messages. So they came and they went, never to be seen again. If I would have captured even just 10% of the visitors onto an email list, that would be over 350,000 people that I could build a relationship with, and notify them when something else came along in the niche they were interested in. For example, one big campaign that I was in was for a video gaming system, and the profit from each sale that I referred was $30 or more. The buying period peaked during the holiday season of 2005, but in 2006 there were newer and better gaming systems which those same people might have been ready for… if I knew who they were. If just a few hundred of the tens of thousands of people that visited my marketers vault review went on to purchase a new gaming system later, that would have been worth over $10,000 in commissions, and I could have repeated the promotions over and over again, month after month, year after year. Instead, I let them get away, due to inexperience. Don’t be like that. Be sure to keep track of your visitors so that you can help them again in the marketers vault review.


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