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Storie Review – Change the way you use Instagram story
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Storie Review – Change the way you use Instagram story

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I’ve had sales where the person bought a small, $50 item I was promoting and then went on to buy 50 hard cover instastories review . The total value of the books was over $1000 and that was a huge commission! Plus, as I mentioned, you can expand your site later to include other kinds of posts targeting more expensive products. We’re just starting nice and easy. To find a product for your first post: 1. Go to 2. Type in a word for your instastories review (examples: sewing, golf, horse, butterfly, teacher, etc.) 3. Go through the products that come up and see if you find something that would make a great gift for your niche. If you don’t see something you’re comfortable meets your needs then look at the list of related departments on the left hand side and click on a department you think might have something more gift-like. If you see Clothing, Accessories, or a Jewelry department listing, look in those to find something. a. You can also try doing a search in Amazon for “love [niche]” (without quotes) i. Example: love crochet ii. Example: love golf iii. Example: love golfing iv. Example: love knitting b. You can also do a search in Google Images for the phrase “for [niche]” (without quotes) and find product images where the text mentions that it’s for your instastories review i. Example: for people who crochet ii. Example: for golfers iii. Example: for football fans iv. Example: for butterfly lovers 4. When you find something that would make a great gift, click on the product to open the product page in Amazon. Keep your browser tab on that product page


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