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WP Toolkit Review - Provide Your WordPress Site With The Professional Touch
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WP Toolkit Review - Provide Your WordPress Site With The Professional Touch

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Since this is a guide on establishing a wp toolkit review and not a tutorial on Adobe Elements, I'm not going to get into the detail of doing the actual graphicdesign. That said, you get the point - your Facebook branding should match your website branding. As for a profile pic, I always suggest using a professional headshot. Since you are trying to establish credibility, using a REAL headshot is the best policy. However, if you don't want photos of you on the internet, that's cool. Go out to and download a professional-looking headshot and use that as your online persona. Problem solved. Twitter Although I, personally, am not a big Twitter user, many people are. As such, you'll want to follow the same process you used with Facebook to build out a branded Twitter presence. Like you did when creating your Facebook cover image, make sure you create brand new Twitter art that matches your brand. Stretching your existing graphics is going to distort them. At the time of this writing, the recommended image size for Twitter is 1252px by 626px. You'll also want to use a good wp toolkit review as your profile pic (like you did with Facebook). In addition to a branded header and quality profile pic, I also suggest changing the default background to something more in line with your brand. The default options that Twitter provides are not all that great so you many want to spend a few dollars on a decent background image for Twitter. Pinterest Pinterest is a good choice if your target demographic is mostly women AND your niche is "photogenic". If you are promoting laptops to “twentysomething” men, Pinterest is probably a waste of time and money. However, if you are promoting handbags to women, Pinterest can be a traffic goldmine! If you decide that Pinterest is a social media presence that can help your wp toolkit review, go ahead and setup an account, taking care to brand it to match your website. Consider setting up your boards to match your website categories. YouTube YouTube is very similar to Pinterest in that it's either a gold mine or a bit time waste. If you've chosen a niche that lends itself well to video promotion, by all means, get cracking and setup a YouTube account that matches your brand.


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