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I found coldleadz review through a client I was working with years ago. I had been buying mailing lists (consumers) from them for other offline clients in Chicago. One day, quite by accident, I noticed they had a category for “New Businesses” which I’d never noticed before. Immediately I saw the potential in using this source in this new way. In the past I hadtargeted ‘new businesses’ just by checking the local papers for legal announcement notices. I found goods leads every few months that way, but not in the volume that had available. Granted it costs more than just checking some local newspapers, but we’ll see it’s really not very expensive when you consider the success rate is much greater than with established businesses. Let’s take a look at their website…After you register, click the “FIND MAILING LISTS & LEADS on the left and click “Find coldleadz review” buttons on the bottom left.That will bring you to the screen below. You’ll want to go to the far right, lower part of page and click, “NEW BUSINESSES”Your selections here will depend on what size of universe you want. Obviously the more you add selection requirements the smaller your net list will be reduce to. I want at least 100 new coldleadz review per month, and have also gotten up to 300 at a time. If you look in the far right upper corner, you’ll see a box labeled, “YOU CURRENTLY HAVE” and then the running total of leads you’ve accumulated is shown based on the criteria you’ve selected


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