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P1 Profits Review – Earning commissions has never been that easy
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P1 Profits Review – Earning commissions has never been that easy

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As you can see in the example I showed you above, there are 3 steps on the download page, which will make YOU money! Step 1 ­watch this p1 profits review video Step 2 ­Claim your unadvertised bonuses Step 3 ­Access Download. Step 1 and 2 are where we make more money, from Stream 2! Let’s break down each step in detail. Step 1 ­ Watch bonus video. This is positioned as a ‘bonus’, BUT it’s actually a disguised affiliate offer which will make us p1 profits review . The reason we position it as a bonus is so it lowers their guards and gets them to CLICK on it. That’s all we want to do, get the CLICK. The more CLICKS we get to an affiliate link, the more chance of making sales we have. The trick here though is to make sure that the affiliate offer you are promoting, has a video on the sales page. Better yet would be a video only sales page, or VSL as its called (Video sales letter). In the example, i am promoting this p1 profits review:


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