Affiliate Rebirth Review – Passive affiliate income with free traffic
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Affiliate Rebirth Review – Passive affiliate income with free traffic

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Your About “Us” Page – An about us affiliate rebirth review is very important and most of the time not structured the right way. An about us page, isn’t really about you. It is about what your customers want to know. They don’t care what your favorite food is, what college you graduated, what certifications you have and what your grades were. They don’t care about pictures of your family, how old you are, and most of the time they don’t care how long you’ve been in business. Some will argue on the picture part, but that isn’t the point, the point is you want to give them reason to do business with you, not distract them. What customers want to see on an about us page is that a company cares about them. The customer is looking for the company to relate to them. Your about us page should cover what you offer, and of course mix in the basics but to really do well you need to tell stories. You need to have a unique selling point. An about us page is a perfect place to mention whatever guarantees you may have. It should overcome objections for you, so you don’t have to later on over the phone. When you write your about us page, forget the boring stuff. Make it entertaining, yet informative. affiliate rebirth review should tell a story. Make it something that can relate to your customer and most of all, be memorable. Other Pages – Your website should include a ton of pages, about every single aspect of your business. The few I highlighted here are just the ones that are usually done so wrong that I need to bring it to your attention. It doesn’t mean the others aren’t as important. You should have a page on your website for every service you offer, have a F.A.Q. section, make sure to have a blog to pick up on long tail keywords. Have a refund policy in place. Work on some gated case studies, white papers, eBooks, etc. if you’re working on an inbound marketing strategy. Your website should have a ton of content, but not fluff. It needs to be content with a purpose.Hosting Websites For Your Clients and Yourself This is where things get a little tricky for amateurs. There are a lot of options out there and they are not created equally. You need a hosting service that can not only host your website but also host your client websites. There are options like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Acehost, JustHost, iPage, and hundreds if not thousands of other hosting services. I don’t recommend Godaddy, 1and1, iPage and hosts like that. I use Hostgator, and I recommend hostgator, though there are other hosts out there that are just as good and maybe some could be better as well. I recommend avoiding EIG if possible, EIG owns a lot of different hosting companies, and has recently purchased HostGator. They haven’t ruined hostgator yet and even under EIG control it is still one of the best out there. However, some of the older EIG owned companies are absolutely awful. iPage, is one of those companies, please don’t go with them. What you want to have, if you’re hosting client websites is what is called a “reseller” account. You don’t want a basic shared hosting account; you want an actual reseller account. Reseller affiliate rebirth review are Cheap and Flexible A reseller account will allow you to have all your client websites under one roof, with each having their own unique cpanel and ftp access all the while having your own WHM login to manage all your accounts. This allows you many advantages. It allows flexibility in managing the accounts. It also allows unique access so if you have a client that insists on being able to get into his or her cpanel, you can give them access without them having root access to every account. You can easily get into different accounts to create FTP accounts for your outsourcers, as well as delete them when necessary. Another key advantage is security, and people rarely talk about this but it is much needed.When you host a lot of websites, it is only a matter of time until someone finds an exploit through an outdated version of Wordpress, Joomla, or plugins. Sometimes when you have an exploit happen, it will affect all files and all folders, so having separate FTP logins for each account helps so much! Can you imagine having 200 websites under the same root ftp and having an exploit hurt one site, but then it spreads through your entire directory tree to infect 200 websites? You won’t even be able to start fixing the problem because you’ll be too busy answering the phone non-stop.


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