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Vidello Review – Where Video meet Marketing

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The phrase “vidello review ” sounds about as exciting and attention-grabbing asaccounting terms would sound to a quilting enthusiast. It’s usually rattledoff in this acronym form, and the assumption seems to be that you’ll knowwhat it is.Acronyms (short forms based on initials of words in titles) intimidate people,so many new internet marketers tend to ignore or gloss over this marketingmethod – but “CPA” simply means “Cost Per Action” or “Cost Per Acquisition”. Cost Per Action means that your reader just has to take a specific action(E.G. input a valid email address, click on a link, request a free sample, etc.) Cost Per Acquisition means that your reader actually has to buy theproduct or subscription. 1Websites (or reports like this) dryly talking about CPA can hardly competewith “Make a six figure income with no work – 1 week from now!” inexcitement factor. But whether you’re choosing to focus on Cost Per Actionor Cost Per Acquisition, CPA marketing has one common denominator: It is a form of vidello review generated by a third party in which you are paid for hosting or promoting that party’s ad or link, based strictly onactions your readers take. This in turn generates any of the following actions for the advertiser who isgoing to pay you: ? New subscriber sign up ? Purchase of a product ? Sales lead for your advertiser’s further follow upHow much can you earn? Well, typically… not millions. New subscribersignups usually generate between $1.00 to $1.50 per lead. You definitelywon’t get rich overnight.But if you combine simple Cost Per Action with some well-chosen Cost PerAcquisitions, your payout may be much higher. For example, if you’repromoting a big-ticket item that costs $695, your commission that may beanywhere from $60-$300 on lead that results in a sale. A few of thesecombined with a bunch of easy “just click” links or banners can make a nicelittle second income for you.And once set up, it’s a painless way to add extra income generation fromyour already-existing sites. Put CPA to work for you while you go off to thechurch picnic or enjoy a well-deserved nap (after staying up all the nightbefore, trying to solve your shopping cart problem.)And as your list grows, so too will your profits. A vidello review is a company that allows advertisers and web publishers(internet marketers) to find each other and connect.In other words, it’s the “dating agency” that pairs you up with your best admatch.And as with dating agencies, there are leftover prejudices about CPAnetworks being risky. The truth is, CPA networks have matured just as manyof the bigger and more selective dating agencies (such as eHarmony) havedone. Just as you see “real people” committed to values and caringrelationships on eHarmony – compared to the sort of dating agency thatuses scantily-clad girls speaking lines laced with sleazy innuendo. Most CPAnetworks are solid and reliable – it’s certain unscrupulous publishers(affiliates) who most often generate the “shady” label.In fact, one of the most important functions a CPA network can perform liesin making sure both web publisher (you) and the advertiser are reputable,solid prospects.Choose recognized and reputable CPA networks, and use intelligentmarketing tactics, and your sites should never have a problem withcredibility. How Does It Work?So far, it sounds remarkably like affiliate marketing, doesn’t it? But thereare some vital differences it helps to learn straight away.Both rely on internet marketers to promote their products. The biggestdifferent between the two lies in CPA emphasis on its affiliates generating leads, rather than sales. It’s usually less labor-intensive – you don’t have todo the sort of ongoing promotion affiliate marketing needs. And in case you’re wondering what I mean by “generating leads”, thatmeans having site visitors act by filling out a form with some sort of personal contact information.After that, your part is done – except for collecting your payment! It reallyis that easy.Start simply at first, with email and zip code cost per action ads. As yourskills grow, add in cost per acquisition to promote high-ticket items How Does It Work?CPA networks can be choosy about who they accept. They want arepresentative who is going to take aggressive action – and they prefer repswho have substantial lists. This doesn’t sound too promising for a newmarketer, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.On the other hand, CPA networks tend to reward affiliates who generate strong results. This can be in the form of prizes, bonuses, cash – and beingoffered exclusive, highly-converting offers. This doesn’t generally happenwith affiliate marketing.CPA is often considered slightly fly-by-night by internet marketers – but wecan blame that squarely on the shoulders of the “black hat” sites. Anotherlittle-known fact: There are large, well known brands in the CPA market, andyou can find yourself promoting a product with as huge a reputation as Nike.CPA’s shady reputation was directly caused by marketers using trulydishonest and illegal “black hat” techniques. For example, have you everseen those ads that say: “Make money from home! 1000’s of jobs – with no training and no fee to pay! Visit our link to learn more.”The reader clicks on this link and is taken to a site promising them the sun,moon and stars – but they have to input their name and contact informationto get it.Then, when they’ve done this, they’ll see some page saying “Sorry, all ourpositions are filled for now but we’ll keep your info on file” – or some suchexcuse. Most times, there never was any job (or even any information) inthe first place. That’s definitely a “black hat” tactic – especially if you’re theguy who set up these bogus landing pages without having even the hint of ajob to offer in the first


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