Super Niche Video Templates Review – Should You Buy It?
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Super Niche Video Templates Review – Should You Buy It?

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Here again are the 6 ways to select a product via the product driven path: 1) Knowledge 2) Contacts 3) Current Items 4) Low Hanging Fruit 5) Research 6) Reverse SourceKnowledge What are you interested in? What do you have knowledge about? What are your hobbies? You certainly don't have to pick a product that you're interested in, but it can help. It will for sure help to be interested in your niche/product if you plan on building a brand. In the Proven Performance Inventory course my friend Brett Bartlett uses the example of surf wax. He starts there because surfing is a subject he is interested in. If you're big time into fishing then the whole process of private labeling a fishing item will be much more enjoyable than if you selected a product in the knitting category. Does that mean that you shouldn't select a product in the knitting niche? No. It's just that your knowledge of fishing gives you a competitive Super Niche Video Templates Review . You most likely would already have some ideas of cool fishing products and places to source. If you're thinking about building out a whole line of products wouldn't you rather pick something you enjoy? Contacts Who do you know? What contacts do you have through your current job, church, or organizations you belong to, etc? What vendors does your company work with? Where do your friends and family work? Does anyone that you know work for a company that produces physical products? Make a list of who you know and where they work. This might generate some ideas. For example, let's say your sister works at a dentist's office. What types of products would a dentist have access to? Do you think they might be able to get items like toothbrushes, floss, fluoride, teeth whitening gel, mouth guards, or mouth wash cheaper than most people? What about items that only dentists would use? Would there be products they use in their office that they might purchase online? Think about the face masks they use or the aprons they put on patients during a cleaning. They might get those from a wholesale company, but what would they do if they need some right away and the wholesale company takes 1-2 weeks to get orders out? They would shop on Amazon to get it in 2 days. Maybe you could buy from that wholesale company and sell those products on Amazon under your own brand or even their brand. The riches are in the Super Niche Video Templates Review. While toothbrushes might be competitive how many other sellers are selling face masks for dentists? I haven't checked, but you can uncover gold in items like this that other sellers might not have easy access to or completely overlook. Current Items What items are you already selling well on Amazon? You can easily run a report by going to your SellerCentral account and clicking on Reports>Business Reports>Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Parent Item. The default list is the last 30 days but you can change the dates to search for what you sold over any period of time. Maybe you can private label something you're already selling or at least get ideas from your list. If there's an item that you might be only able to get via a retail store maybe you could bundle it with a private label item you create and have a listing that no one else could jump on. Let's say you've been selling an Easy Bake Oven. I bet there's quite a bit of competition on an item like that. What if you approached a company that private labels baking mixes (there's a bunch of them) and created your own brand of brownie mix? Now you have ABC Company Brownie Mix bundled with an Easy Bake Oven. Since that brownie mix is your brand no one else will be able to sell it. Do you see the beauty of private label? You could do this exact same strategy with hundreds of different products. The cool thing about this strategy also is that you're piggybacking on the success of the Easy Bake Oven to drive sales. While no one is likely searching for ABC Brownie Mix since your brand is new they are definitely searching for Easy Bake Ovens. You're able to take advantage of that brand name to drive traffic and sales Low Hanging Fruit What do you have easy access to? What may be right underneath your nose? Do you live in a region of the country that produces something unique? Here's an example.. Last year a guy from my church invited me to dinner to ask me about selling on Amazon. Whenever I talk to somebody about selling online I ask them what their low hanging fruit is. For him it was steel. He works for a local steel company and has access to the scrap steel very inexpensively. Through his job he knows someone that owns another company that produces products from scrap steel. So if he ever decided to sell on Amazon all he would need to do is put those two together. While we were at dinner we did some quick research and found that someone was selling different sizes of sheet metal on Amazon and they were selling well based on sales rank. While it may be hard for me to break into this Super Niche Video Templates Review, it would be a piece of cake for Ken because he already has the contacts. This would be his low hanging fruit. I live in Texas and among many things we're known for BBQ. There are so many little companies that make their own BBQ sauce and that will gladly let me put my brand on it. There is also a local restaurant that is quite famous and sells their BBQ sauce online. Another strategy is to partner with them and sell their brand or maybe to ensure no one else can jump on the listing you bundle your private label BBQ brush with the famous sauce. There are so many possibilities. What's unique to your region?

Super Niche Video Templates Review


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