MSGLeads Review – Lead Generation in One click
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MSGLeads Review – Lead Generation in One click

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It was so liberating to give myself permission to ignore certain msgleads review . Trying to do it all was just completely overwhelming and literally made my brain cloudy. I was spending too many precious alert waking hours worrying about tweeting and how to schedule more and more on Facebook that I was losing sight of why I was blogging in the first place – because I love to write and teach others. Action Step: Give yourself permission to let a couple social platforms go for now. You need time to master the others AND you need time to write and the freedom of more time to allow your creativity to flow! Be intentional with your social media efforts and find out what actually works for you. SAMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA SCHEDULE I follow what I call a no-brainer laid backsocial media schedule. I have a handful of shares I do automatically upon publishing each post and some steps I take later as I have time. The goal with your social media efforts is to push your post out to as many social media outlets as you can immediately because you truly never know which msgleads review will respond the best to each post. I’ve found that sometimes when I think a post will do excellent on Facebook, it flops there but for some reason gets tons of shares on Google+. Sometimes a post I wrote specifically for Pinterest will take off on StumbleUpon instead. And when you get really lucky, sometimes you will have success on more than one platform at a time. That’s when it’s really fun to watch your page views come in! Immediately After Posting 1. Pin my main post image to the WhatMommyDoes blog board using carefully chosen keywords and schedule it out (using Tailwind) to 2 or 3 other boards over the next month. 2. Publish publicly to Google+ using the same keywords I used in my Pinterest description plus a handful of other synonyms as well as a few relevant hashtags. Here’s an example of how my G+ posts look. My keyword phrase here was MONEY MAKING IDEAS. Making those words bold sort of “highlights” them to Google, showing that they’re important. To make them bold, simply place the keyword text between asterisks like this: *25 MONEY MAKING IDEAS* The asterisks won’t show up once you click share. I forgot the hashtags on this one, but they would probably be something like #howtomakemoney #extraincome. The beauty about Google+ is that if you forget something, you can edit the original post or even share again later with different keyword variations. 3. Share on my blog’s Facebook page (note: if Facebook pulls the incorrect image from your blog like sometimes happens to me, then you can always just upload the exact image you want to accompany your post). 4. Stumble the post. Although most of my posts don’t get more than 50 stumbles, but some will do extremely well, earning thousands of stumbles. In Step 7, I explain the basics of StumbleUpon (what types of posts I find do well, etc). (A note about automating this process: I recently signed up for Co-Schedule which allows me to automate the initial Google+, Facebook, and Twitter shares right when I hit the publish button. It’s a neat tool. The co-schedule plugin will appear below your post editor within WordPress. I’m still getting the hang of it, but like its capabilities so far. Buffer is also a good tool for scheduling all at once). Later on as you have time For any post I deem Facebook worthy (something interesting, funny, clever, or msgleads review) I will set aside time first chance I get to share as a “Post to Page” across 10-20 relevant Facebook pages. I should probably do this immediately as Facebook can be a great source of traffic, but I don’t have all the time in the world to work on social media in one sitting, so I’ve decided to segment this task and do it separately as I have time. It works for me. Some platforms take longer than others to pay attention to your posts, so don’t be surprised if you have a post do well on Google, then once that dies down, it picks up on Pinterest and then a week later takes off on Facebook. If you are intentional with your sharing and don’t forget a platform, you will eventually see success here. Every time you have a success or failure or your posts performs differently than you expected, you will learn something new about your content strategy and can adjust from there. Whatever you do, pay attention to your Analytics on a regular basis (I review my page view Analytics every day). Look at how many page views each post got, look at which social media outlets referred that traffic, review the keywords that drove organic traffic to your site). If you do that, you will start to notice trends across platforms and can make content decisions accordingly. It is important (and frustrating) to note that Google isn’t fond of providing hints as to how visitors are finding your blog using its search engine. The best indication you have as to how well your Google+ efforts are paying off is seeing your intended keywords show up under Acquisition ? All Traffic ? Source/Medium ? Keywords. Step 12 goes much deeper into Google+ STEP 7: StumbleUpon Earlier this year, I had never heard of StumbleUpon (SU for short). It’s a lesser discussed social media platform, but it has a huge user base. StumbleUpon is tricky. List posts and posts with great images do well there. It's a younger demographic, and I read that it's male heavy (unfortunately for my mom-centered blog!). But when a post takes off, it can really take off. For instance: Cheap Meal Ideas for College Students This was a post I wrote over 2 years ago and just happened to be looking at one day when I realized I had never stumbled it. So I did. And within a few days, it started going bonkers! That was truly the start of my investigation into the potential of StumbleUpon. I've not had anything super crazy happen but every so often I'll have a post get thousands of shares in a few days then die down to about 30-50 a day consistently for several weeks before tapering off to nothing. Even though it’s not lasting, it really adds up. Now if only I can figure out how to keep the bubble floating! ? This is probably my best and most recent SU success. It settled at around 5,500 stumbles in all: Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages This one also did really well: 26-Week Savings Plan It spiked a couple days after I originally stumbled it and leveled off at about 10 page views per day for a few weeks


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