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UpEngage Review – Holding your Engagement and Traffic Hostage
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UpEngage Review – Holding your Engagement and Traffic Hostage

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Even if you arent ranking for specific words or phrases, you will be ranking for random long tail keywords. Keywords that would have never popped up in any keyword tool. When you have 100 quality articles out there, you are creating a huge “net” to capture random searches from upengage review within your niche. I say all this to encourage you to not give up. I want to see each and every single one of you get to 100 articles. If you get to 100 articles (that are high quality) you are going to be successful. I am going to show you how to write those articles in another section so dont worry about that. For now just know that 100 quality articles is the magic number to be successful in this business. Don't Focus on Google As if I havent hammered this point enough, I am going to say it one more time. I DONT want you guys to focus on where you rank in the major search engines – more specifically, where you rank in upengage review. If Google rankings happen, then great…if not, dont stress over it. You can easily tell the difference between a blog where someone is writing with the intent to rank in Google and a blog where someone is actually writing for their readers. When you focus on ranking in the search engines, you tend to write in an unnatural way. You start to place keywords in your articles in a way that seems „forced. Readers will absolutely hate this, and ironically Google will eventually notice as well and you will lose your rankings that you worked so hard for. Another reason focusing on ranking in Google is because you have to spend so much time focusing on building links, and this is time that should be spent writing high quality content for your upengage review instead.


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