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Commission Resurrection Review – The secret of massive online traffic    

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So several times a week we would have people come with trucks and trailers to pick up their commission resurrection review . Eventually the neighbors got tired of it and one of them complained to the city. Well we got a nice little letter from the city saying that we couldn't run our furniture business from our house any longer so we started looking for commercial space to open a store. After a few weeks of searching we found a really good deal and decided to sign a one-year lease on a 2,000 sq foot space to put a small furniture showroom. We learned fairly quickly that having a showroom wasn't our cup of tea. No longer could we work in our pajamas. We actually had to get dressed every day and go to the store. :) It was too much like a real job. Plus we had to be there even if it wasn't busy. We knew as our year lease was coming up for renewal that we didn't want to re-sign for a second year, but we also knew that we couldn't continue to have customers picking up at our commission resurrection review. So we found a warehouse that we could rent some space from and where customers could pick up their orders. We wish we would have went the warehouse route from the beginning, but having the showroom worked in our favor. Because we had the showroom we were much more legitimate in the eyes of furniture wholesalers and thus we were able to open up several new accounts that we would not have otherwise. And we are able to continue to buy from these accounts even though we no longer have the store. Also because we had the commercial space, we were able to have LTL (less than truckload) freight carriers come and pick up so that opened us up to shipping all over the country. So from then on, we were able to post ads all over the country instead of just our local area. This made our business explode. We closed the store in April of 2011 and took a much needed vacation to Europe for 3 weeks. Remember.... our whole business model, except for a sparse amount of eBay sales was based on posting ads on Craigslist. It's not good to have all of your eggs in one basket as we'll soon see. Everything was humming along just fine until about a year later. In May or June of 2012, we noticed that our Craigslist ads were no longer working. In most of the areas we posted to, they were taken down almost as soon as we put them up. We continued to get calls and sales from the ones that remained, but business slowed down quite a bit. We needed to do something different because what we had always done was no longer producing results. The Lord knew what needed to happen and He already had the answer prepared in advance for us. Jim Cockrum had recently written his book called Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business, Online and Off and had decided to auction off a signed copy of that commission resurrection review  with all of the proceeds going to Hope Village, a ministry in Detroit, Michigan. Because I was subscribed to Jim's newsletter, I was aware of the auction, but it wasn't until the final day of the auction that I knew I had to take action. I woke up the morning of the end of the auction and saw an email that Jim had sent to subscribers announcing that it was the final day. I just knew that I had to win so I asked my wife if we could place a bid. She asked for how much and I told her. She was a little shocked, but said if that's what you think we should do then do it. I won and the rest is history. The reason I say the rest is history is because since then I have been fortunate to build a relationship with Jim Cockrum that has transformed my business. One of the added benefits of the auction was a 30 minute phone call with Jim. Since Jim lives about an hour from my parents' house in Indiana, I asked him if I could meet him for lunch one day in lieu of the phone call. He graciously agreed. So Melane and I planned a trip to Indiana to see my parents and to meet Jim. That was in September 2012. That lunch changed our lives. Jim gave us many ideas and tips, but the one we took action on right away was getting our furniture listed on Amazon. He also told us about Amazon's FBA program and encouraged us to find smaller items we could sell that way. I'm honored to be able to call Jim a friend now and am blessed to have the opportunity to be in his exclusive mastermind group with 14 other business owners. It's been over three years since we have sold a piece of furniture on craigslist. Remember now. That used to be our only source of income. Our business has changed so much that our focus is no longer on furniture. We still sell furniture and do well with it, but the majority of our business now comes from smaller items we are able to source and send into Amazon. More to the point of this book, our first private label opportunity came around in Spring of 2013. It's amazing to me, but we now consistently sell between $10,000 and $12,000 per month on our first private label product and our second one now does about $2000 - $3000 per month in sales. The important number, however, is our profit on this. After we account for Amazon fees, ads, and the cost of goods we're left with about $3000-$4000 profit depending on the month. I don't know about you, but this is more than I used to make in my regular job and this is only from two products. Please know that I'm not sharing this to gloat. Far from that. I have no problem giving glory to where glory is due. The Lord knew what we needed, when we needed it, and opened doors for us and brought opportunities across our path at the right time. I share this with you so that you can get excited about the opportunities and income that private label can bring to your business. It would be my sincerest pleasure if through this book I can help you source and sell your own private label products. If you already know the answer to this question feel free to jump to the next chapter. With all of the courses coming out about private label, this is a hot topic nowadays. You might already understand this concept, but for those that don't I'll explain it. My “Easy Way” definition of private label is having your own brand of an item. I'm originally from Indiana and in the county where I grew up there is a company called Red Gold that you have probably heard of. They have a line of products that includes ketchup, salsa, canned tomatoes, etc.


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