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1. Traffic – CPA training 2. List Building 3. Amazon Marketing 4. Software 5. Social Media 6. Outsourcing 7. Offline Marketing Now you want to think of ways that you can best match some kind of valuable service or offer to help the product creator with their launch and the list you‟ve made above. When you offer to help someone with a very generous offer first and don‟t just ask for them to place your offer onto their download pages; you‟re jumping ahead of 99% of those who don‟t think to try and help product creators with their launches first before asking to rent some advertising space on their download pages. Let‟s look at some ways you can create an irresistible service or offer below: In a moment we‟ll go over some COOL underground strategies for getting yourself noticed by positioning yourself in front of TOP product vendors so that they at least look at your BONUS offer. But first you‟re going to need a BONUS product to give to them right? So let‟s assume for the time being that you have already found an upcoming launch and you now want to create a cool bonus product to match that offer and one that will add even more value to their launch. 1. Time To Decide – First of all you‟ll need to decide which niche you‟re going to target. For the Internet Marketing/Make money online niche you‟ll want to crate a BONUS product that is to do with list building, traffic, and any kind of general make money kind of product. So if you choose traffic as your target niche for this strategy you need to stick with this and focus on providing BONUSES for these types of launches ONLY! THIS KEEPS ANYTHING YOU DO LATER IN YOUR BUSINESS NICE & SIMPLE! I mean how much easier would it be to sell a TON of affiliate products to these proven buyers once they‟ve joined your lists if you know that they are all keen on learning more about getting traffic. You‟d just find affiliate products about traffic and mail those out to them right?


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