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Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

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Certificates are required for many video matrix review including toys, electrical, chemical, clothing (in some cases)even kitchenware might need them. I don’t bother keeping up to date on the ever-changing regulations,so I would rely on a customs broker to advise me on that subject.This is such an important subject that I have provided detailed information for you. This is not so muchfor you to be an expert on the subject, but so that you know how important it is, and how to protectyourself.Certifying authorities are mostly private enterprises and their value depends upon trust and whether thecompany providing the certificates is accredited with appropriate government authorities. Most whoprovide certificates are also inspection services.When you are doing business in a country where counterfeits are commonplace, never take anything onface value. Business registration certificates, compliance certificates, inspection certificates, are all itemsthat are frequently forged or copied. Websites, logos etc., can be too.A young entrepreneur asked me to help him by checking the validity of CE and ROH Certificates for anitem he had considered importing. He told me that the sample looked good, but I had to give him the sad news that the certificates are fakes. The certificates were the best looking forgeries I have yet seen.According to the certifying authority the Certificates do not exist. In blue is a cut and paste of the noticethey posted in response to my video matrix review , including their little mistakes: "Sorry, the certificate does not exist warn of fake CE certificates Fake CE conformance certificates are a growing menace in the safety industry. An increasing number of products are being sold, which have never been properly tested and are accompanied by fake CE certificates. This is putting lives at risk and exposing employers to possible prosecution. The certificate shown on the right is a fake, supposedly issued by an Anbotek test house, but in reality this product was never tested by them. The product does not perform to the strict requirements of EN xxxxx."(Anbotek is OK. See my comments later under Simple DIY Checking procedure.) The forging ofcertificates of every kind is endemic in China. This not only refers to such safety issues as thoseinvolved with CE and ROH certificates, but even business registration certificates are being forged.If you don’t have the required certificates genuine and up to date that can have seriousconsequences: • Customs might hold your product and can ask you to provide the necessary certification. Failure toprovide the certificates means Customs will seize your product. • Even if the supplier has provided certificates, they might not be suitable if they (1) Are forged or (2)If the test does not cover the actual product, or (3) If the test does not relate to the legislatedrequirement. • If you import products that require video matrix review , and one of them causes a fire, or injury etc., if youcan't provide the correct certificates, you could be liable to fines and in rare serious cases evenimprisonment.Certificates of almost every kind can be forged and often are forged. On the HKTDC site there are twolabels that give certainty about the veracity of Certificates displayed or quoted by manufacturers. Theyare “Intertek Verified” and “Certificates Verified”. They both cover the same issues and verifycertificates relating to Corporate Social Responsibility, and other issues relating to quality controldisplayed by suppliers.Certificates of inspection, company audits, quality inspections, compliance certificates or othercertificates that might be required to satisfy government regulations are issued by a number ofinspection companies in addition to those mentioned in the previous paragraph.TUV Rheinland publishes a blacklist of companies inclaimed that they have been certified by TUV.’s list highlights the fact that forging of certificates is rampant in China. You cannot be sure that acertificate is genuine unless you check it with the authority that has supposedly issued it. Some otherslike TUV have checking facilities on their website.If suppliers offer certificates provided by inspection services not included in my list above, you maywant to check them yourself. I would never rely on them without checking. There are several Chinese"accreditation" services that sell certificates of dubious value


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