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You can drive traffic by becoming very active in your autotube builder 2.0 review on social media. Youcan also use things like article marketing and search engine optimization to getfound and known in your niche.Some affiliate marketers focus on getting sales right from their website whileother affiliate marketers put their energy into getting those potential buyers on alist before they try to promote affiliate products to them. No matter whichdirection you choose, it’s all about building up your presence over time on theweb creating a funnel of some kind that drives people to your affiliate links.Or, you might ramp up your efforts and achieve more quickly by using paid trafficmethods instead of free traffic methods. For example, you can drive people toyour squeeze page or websites via Google AdWords. Or, you can use Facebookads to drive people to a targeted Facebook page or squeeze page to develop arelationship with readers and then promote products to them.No matter how you drive autotube builder 2.0 review, focus on building trust with your audience sopeople don’t hesitate to buy from you.Try to set up as many hands-off affiliate marketing funnels as possible. Writeautoresponder emails that sell affiliate products. Build up content on your blog orwebsite that promotes affiliate products.People should be able to find your affiliate links in many places all over the web.You should promote a variety of products. You should be building a list as anaffiliate marketer so you can send out affiliate links for recommended productswhenever you want to.You can definitely earn 6-figures as an affiliate marketer. You just have to createyour plan for success. You have to figure out what people in your niche need andwant and then deliver it to them in the form of product recommendations. Quick Step-By-Step1. Choose your niche2. Take notes on successful affiliate marketers who you believe earn at least6-figures a year in your niche 3. Take notes on products you believe you can successfully promote as anaffiliate4. Choose how you’ll promote- I recommend you focus on building a list andthen pre-selling people on affiliate products you promote through your list5. Set up your affiliate marketing list funnel. Sign up to Aweber (or similar).Give something for free away on the squeeze page you set up6. Work to get traffic to your squeeze page via free methods (articlemarketing, social media marketing, videos, podcasts, etc. Get traffic tothat squeeze page in any way you can) and paid methods (Facebook ads,Google AdWords, etc.)7. Write a welcome email and other autoresponder emails to startdeveloping a relationship with the people who sign up for your autotube builder 2.0 review. Schedule emails that promote products the people who’ve signed up foryour list will be interested in9. Only promote products you truly believe will help the people on your list.Don’t just blindly recommend something. You should be familiar with theproduct and/or the creator before recommending it.10. Continue marketing and building your list with the thought that you’ll fillyour autoresponder so it works to make sales on autopilot for you—youcan even schedule in a few posts per week for the whole year, all givingquality information as well as promoting products11. This gives you time to create more targeted squeeze pages, build traffic,and build relationships with product creators12. Rinse and repeat your way to 6 figures 6-Figure BoosterSell at least 10 products a day as an affiliate for $30. Work your way back fromthat figure—how will you get to the 6-figure point as an affiliate?If you’re stuck at any point along the way, search for the answer. You might haveaffiliate marketing how-to books on your hard drive. Figure it out. The hard partis getting started in a new niche and starting to build that affiliate list. You can doit. You can arrange special deals with product creators and arrange jointventures, increasing your affiliate income all the while.Believe in yourself and focus and you can earn 6-figures a year as an affiliate. Making 6-figures a Year With List MarketingIn my opinion, this is the most important model because it's something youshould be doing with every business model you choose. In this case, though,you're going to focus on list marketing first and foremost. You’re going to putnearly every ounce of your marketing and business energy into building a list inyour niche.This model is important because it's insurance for your business. It doesn’tmatter if Facebook goes down or Google goes down or you don't rank well onany of the search engines. If you have a list, then you have it made, forever.It doesn't matter if you're an affiliate marketer, info product creator, freelancer,offline business consultant, offline business owner, coach, or Kindle publisher,having a list can help you get to 6-figures a year, or well beyond that number.That's because it's your own targeted list. In fact, it’s really one of your mostimportant business assets.You have a relationship (or you will over tie) with these people and you havecontrol over when you email them. With everything you do, you should bebuilding a list. If you're on social media as a way to market, for example, youshould be using it to build a list. If you have a website, you should be using it tobuild a list. If you pay for ads, you should be sending them to a squeeze page tobuild a list.From there, you can promote products


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