Printly Review – Worth its weight in gold?
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Printly Review – Worth its weight in gold?

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I could easily compete with the dads at my kid’s school who drive Aston Martin cars or have other pretty toys but I don’t want to and I don’t need to. I see most of the driving to work at 7am while I’m drinking coffee in my home office and checking my overnight printly review . Have you own agenda. Have your own definition of success Pursue your OWN goals and don’t be influenced by what anything else thinksAsking permission is the hallmark of an employee mindset. You need to develop an entrepreneur mindset if you’re going to compete with everyone else who is trying to do the same and start an online business. It’s fine to ask questions though - just so long as you don’t ask permission Asking How do I update to the newest version of Wordpress? is fine, although let’s be honest, you really should be getting up off your backside and Googling it or doing your own research. But asking Should I use Wordpress for my sales letter? is probably NOT fine. It’ll set you back. Why? Well because the first example above is asking HOW to do something. It’s a step by step process that is more or less the same for every person who does it. The second is asking for someone else’s opinion, and we all know they’re like arseholes - everyone has one.For a start you don’t really know whose opinion you are asking. Neither does that person know your circumstances, business set up or your printly review and weaknesses. Why would you trust a stranger who knows little about you more than you would trust your own opinions. ideas and instincts? Yet countless numbers of people who claim they are ‘online entrepreneurs’ do exactly that every day in forums and Facebook groups. You need to be able to form your own opinions and do your own research. Underlying all this is the hugely important idea that you have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. Yes some of them will go wrong. But you’ll grow as a person because of it This is a vital step in becoming an entrepreneur An example - We lost $6,000 developing an iPhone app. We’d successfully created apps in the past but this one was out first venture into the games market. Not only did the coding not work but we soon realised that it would take at least another $20,000 to GET it working, and even then there’d be no guarantees it would ever make any money. We pulled out and cut our losses. It stung but we learned a lot from it, and our fear of failure diminished rather than grew because of it. But guess what? There was no one to answer to. No bollocking from a boss or anyone saying ‘I told you so’ in the printly review.


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