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They have a genuine audit system and many of their listed xidio video templates review display a variety of verificationsymbols. On-site Checked. This symbol leads to a simple verification report that, while it provides more than thealmost pointless verification offered by Alibaba and others, it is still only small comfort regardingsecurity in dealing with that supplier. Although it refers to an audit report, it should not do so. It is not an audit report. Audited Supplier. These more extensive reports until recently cost $39.50 but are now free of chargeprovided you sign up as a member. This is worth doing because these reports are an excellent help inassessing suppliers. The report is delivered by SGS, a worldwide inspection authority established inSwitzerland in 1878. It was originally known as Société Générale de Surveillance. Its reputation isbeyond reproach. It is important to read the entire report.These reports cover: • General Information • Foreign Trade Capacity • Product Research & Development Capacity • Management System and Product Certification • Production Capacity & Quality Control • Financial Position • Working Environment • Energy Saving and Emission Reduction • Industry Information • They also show photographs of the business. Gold Member. This symbol does not add to the value of an audit report by SGS, and can be ignored.In summary, if sourcing on made-in-xidio video templates review, I would only deal with Audited suppliers, except in thecase of sourcing products not yet sold in my home market. See 2.1. May I remind my readers that I would never deal with madeinchina.com, which is a totally different B2B portal. 10.3 Trade Magazines Available.HKTDC. They are available in print form for US$60 or so per year or electronically free of charge. Youcan easily locate them on the HKTDC website.GlobalSources.com also publishes a number of trade magazines, but you should read my commentsabout that B2B site before relying on those magazines for sourcing.Registering on a trade sourcing website means that you will receive numerous emails which may be ofno interest. Over time the volume of these will increase and they take up a lot of your time, even just tocheck them before deleting.There are plenty of sites that do not require registration, but if you want to regularly log on to one thatdoes, you can use a free email address specifically for registering on sites that require it. If the mailboxbecomes overloaded at that address you can simply abandon it and log in to change your registrationdetails to show a new address. WARNING - Never be tempted to import big brand items at bargain prices. It is almost impossible tosource the genuine article unless you have a few million dollars to spend, and importing copies, even ingood faith will likely result in your shipment being confiscated and destroyed and you face a real dangerof prosecution. 10.4 How to Search for Products and Complete Inquiry Forms on HKTDC.com and Made-in- China.com. Note: To illustrate the process I have chosen to search for silicone cupcake molds (US spelling) or moulds (UK spelling). These sites recognize both, but will sometimes only present results using yourspelling, so it may widen your scope by doing a second search using the alternative spelling. Enquiry Form. On the home page enter cupcake moulds (HKTDC use UK spelling) in the Products/Services search bar. A long list of xidio video templates review will appear, and you can choose one or more. Ifyou want to choose more than one, check the square on the left hand side of the product illustration.Then click on Add to Wish List either at the top or bottom of the page. You can click there once afterchecking as many squares as you want. When your list is completed, click on the ridiculously small Wish List icon at the top of the page.A page opens showing your Wish List. You confirm which supplier/s you want to contact by putting atick in the little box next to their name. If you tick more than one, their product illustrations andcompany names will appear when you click on Contact Supplier. The Send Your Enquiry Form (UKEnglish spelling) will appear. This is the same form whether you want to contact only one, or severalsuppliers.If you have only ticked one, only their product illustration and company name will appear on the Send Your Enquiry Form. Below is a screenshot of the form with my notes included.Complete the form as shown in the screenshot of the Send Your Enquiry Form page below: then click SUBMIT










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