Pinflux Review – Build Your Endless Stream of Traffic
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Pinflux Review – Build Your Endless Stream of Traffic

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You can do this by linking to existing pinflux review OR creating new content to link up (which, by the way, is the best way to get instant traffic in a new post…perhaps one you’ve monetized or are doing for a sponsor who’s tracking views). I don't hyper focus on the big page view getters, but I do make sure to revisit them regularly and add to the pile, so to say. Here's a good example of when I did this...this resource keeps growing and it's all anchored by this one big post that does well on Pinterest. I will revisit this technique in Step 9: Interlinking Everywhere. As you’re duplicating and piggybacking on your successful posts, don’t forget to make sure your blog is still rounded. Nobody (especially brands) want to come to your blog and see 10 of the same type of blog post in a row (unless your topic is just that narrow). Mix it up, but just make sure to hit those popular genres regularly. Over time you will build up quite a catalog of related posts and you can even do roundups of your own content (one of my favorite traffic generation strategies!). If you’re like me and prefer to write in batches (meaning, say, 3 of the same type of blog post all at once), then one way around it is to back date a couple of them. I didn’t realize you could do this for the longest time, and it’s helped me a lot during this growth period for my blog. Action Step: Forget about what you had planned on writing about next (one reason I don’t care for content calendars…they encourage you to stick the same old thing and leave you less likely to react when you see an opportunity pop up). Make your next few blog decisions based purely on pinflux review. Let me know how that impacts your page view statistics. STEP 5: Thoughtful Keyword Selection Pinterest success used to be all about pinning a lot of content often. It was basically a real-time feed of people you followed. In the past year, Pinterest has transitioned to more of a search engine. Now, more than ever, keywords matter. You already needed them to be found in Google. Now you need them to show up on Pinterest. In early May 2015, I made my first investment in my blog. I spent $79 on the Pinning Perfect course taught by Anna Luther (from the blog My Life and Kids) through Blog Clarity. In taking this course, I was able to confirm that I did not need to participate in pin-for-pin reciprocal threads. Keyword research is out of the scope of this ebook (it’s an ebook on its own!). Although optimizing your content for search engines is a good idea, it’s not what got me from 15,000 to 350,000 page views in 9 months. It just doesn’t work that fast. Search engine optimization is more of a loooooonnnng tail game. What can be done in a matter of months and years in search engines can be done in weeks on social media. So that’s what I’m going to focus on here. Social platforms drive HUGE traffic. I can’t divulge the tactics I learned in Pinning Perfect because that wouldn’t be right. What I will say, though, is that you should make every effort to take Pinning Perfect (I think it’s offered a few times each year). If you do, tell Melissa (owner of Blog Clarity) that I sent you and I’ll get affiliate credit I promise that investment will pay for itself many times over. It was $79 when I took it – I’m not sure if it will remain that price or increase when it returns. Just so you know – I would gladly pay $199 for that course now knowing how helpful it is! Pinning Perfect taught me about Pinterest keywords and gave me a solid pinning strategy so I could stop pinning like a Pinterest maniac. Many well-intentioned bloggers will tell you to pin constantly, repin your own stuff, and join tons of group boards. None of those things are necessary and frankly take up way too much time you could spend doing things that actually help (Remember the low-payback tasks from above? This fits in that category!) If you need a primer on keywords and search engine optimization, it doesn’t get any better than the Beginner’s Guide to SEO from MOZ. Everything they discuss might seem like Greek to you at first, but I promise if you dive deep into the content and work on your pinflux review, you will reap the benefits. Every single successful blogger out there knows the stuff in this guide. If you learn it, you will be a cut above most bloggers out there blindly writing without regard to keyword optimization and missing out on organic search traffic. STEP 6: Focus Your Social Efforts I hear it all the time. “You need a Facebook schedule posting once at 9 a.m., once at 11 a.m., twice in the afternoon and three times at night.” And “You must stay active on Twitter. Post a lot because the half life of a tweet is mere minutes.” “Brands want Instagram. You HAVE to be on Instagram or you’ll fail.” “Periscope is THE new thing. If you’re not on Periscope, woe to your blog.” DON’T LISTEN TO THAT! You can’t be everywhere all at once. Furthermore, you can’t learn anything about a platform if all you do is interact with it through a scheduling tool like Buffer because that’s the only way you can post so much to many platforms every day. You need to be IN the platform(s) of your choice. REALLY in them. Only then will you start to understand the little nuances that get content shared. See how people interact. Study the content that’s doing well. What are they doing that you aren’t? What is making their content shareable? Who are the big players and how do they use the platform? In the time that I went from 17k-350k pageviews, I completely ignored Twitter, refused to bother with Instagram (my profile was private until a few weeks ago!), and simply focused on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and StumbleUpon. I am just now beginning to focus on Instagram mostly because brands ask for it on sponsorship applications.


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