Traffikrr Review – Using others’ videos to get viral traffic
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Traffikrr Review – Using others’ videos to get viral traffic

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This will give you detailed traffikrr review about the number of people that are visiting that particular website. Not only will you be able see how many people are visiting the website but you will usually get detailed demographic information. Included are the age, gender and educational background of the visitors to the site. This can be useful information when deciding whether a particular niche will be profitable and how to market to this audience. It’s a good sign if there’s a high number of monthly visitors to the site.Many sellers boast of their ability to dominate the front page of Google, but I’ll do better than that. I’ll dominate the front page of the Internet - without having to perform those mundane tasks that you and I are well familiar with. The tasks that you will perform have a much,much better reward to effort ratio compared to traffikrr review tasks. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about Reddit marketingIf you’ve been online for awhile, you probably know of Reddit. Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet, and trust me, they’re not far off. Let me share with you some Reddit stats to whet your appetite : - Just under 20 MILLION unique visitors per month - that’s right, 20,000,000 UNIQUE visitors a month. - 170 MILLION page views per month - once again, 170,000,000 page views per month. Imagine... Being able to get a tiny piece of that traffic pie.... You do the math! Oh man, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!Okay, I know what you’re thinking : Naidy, if Reddit is really so powerful, why aren’t more gurus creating products on them and why aren’t marketers finding success? The reason is, Reddit is a really,really tough beast to tame. The language that they use is unique to them, and they have some unspoken rules that one must adhere to at all traffikrr review .


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