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These folders are then deleted on mass by a user when they need space in their inbox. A great tip from our pro marketers is to state in your first email their email provider could accidentally filter your emails. Here’s an example: The underlying principle in this whole module is about TRUTH. People buy from people they like. And people like people who came across as truthful and are ‘real’ You are a whole, multifaceted human being. Use the truth of who you are and ensure this comes across in all your dealings with your subscribers. When it comes to promoting products, you will never get anywhere if your subscribers are not reading your emails. You want your subscribers to look forward to each and every one of your emails. Build rapport with stories We’ve already discussed in Module 1 how to use storytelling to make new subscribers feel ‘this person gets me’.The fact is that just because you are in a particular niche does not mean you need to write about that subject ALL the time. Your subscribers are rounded people with multiple interests who will have a natural curiosity about people they know. Your subscribers are curious about you. By showing them that you are a rounded, multi-faceted human being, just like them, you keep them looking forward to your emails. You become a ‘real person’. Tell your subscribers about things going on in your life that they can relate to. Had an annoying shopping trip? Tell them. Lost your wallet and a stranger gave it back? Tell them. Your child is going through the ‘tantrum stage’? Tell them! Write your emails as if you are writing to a friend; some will be long, some will be short, some will be asking for something, some will be offloading an issue etc. Changing things up keeps your emails fresh and interesting.


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